Wednesday, 31 March 2010


my face
beauty reflected
mirror in a hand
I stand
head high
eyes clear
a tear forms
and is wiped away
thoughts play
smooth skin
soft thin
lips moist
flowing hair
breathes the air
brushes free
look at me
head held high
nails filed
I smile
love looks ahead
beauty looks
ready to face
the day
his face
beauty marred
image smashed
he hangs
head bowed
eyes cloud
a tear breaks
and aches away
thoughts prey
flesh rips
fresh drips
dry lips
thorned hair
grasps for air
haggard grim
look at him
head bowed low
nails scrape
he gapes
love turns away
beauty turns
ready to face
the night

s0upy - March 2009


fragmentz said...

i really like your blog, i am glad i have found it.

this post is very beautiful too. i was wondering if i could sometime post it on my blog, attributed to you of course, and linking to your blog?


Soupy said...

Thanks for the encouragement, fragmentz.

I'm more than happy for you to use this poem on your blog. Yes, do link through, too. :)