Thursday, 2 September 2010

Am I really a 70s man?

Goodness me. I never think of myself as a 70s man. I grew up in the 80s, the decade of Star Wars, of The A Team. When shell suits were in and BMX bikes were all the rage.

But I was born the year after this video was made. I was conceived a mere few months after this bizarre, yet nonetheless remarkable, live performance. Shocking. Scary. Was life, was reality really like this in my era?

And my brother was born a few months before this. Although, that I can kind of understand...


normal said...

Star Wars came out in 1977! (That's why Jedi wear brown isn't it?)

carole said...

Used to be on all the juke boxes when I were a lass.

But if you want real good 70s music check out Rush. They are awesome. Try "Cinderella Man", or "Xanadu" (it's based on poem Kubla Khan by Coleridge). They still make my spine tingle