Friday, 9 September 2011



let me tread light
through fires bright
and leave my burning footsteps on your heart
in flames I’ll write
the words that start
a masterpiece of all-consuming art
drawn with a pen
thrown like a dart
to wound with words that come alive, and then
you’ll burn again

let me breathe air
blow through your hair
and whisper voiceless secrets in your ear
wide-eyed you’ll share
in wonder here
in hidden treasures calling loud and clear
inspired by
the words you hear
the wind will lift you up and let you fly
you’ll own the sky

I’ll take your hand
in stillness stand
and sail you through the speaking silent sea
to sunlight land
then you’ll be free
to ride the wind and feel the waves with me
we’ll sail and surf
and then you’ll see
the sun take part in shining second birth
you’ll hold the earth

s0upy – March 2009


n0rma1 said...

One to savour.

Anonymous said...