Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Celibacy, community, the mop and the bucket

"Celibacy and christian community go together like a mop and bucket."
A quote from Thea at one of our New Creation Christian Community evenings a while back.


Thea, as a celibate, is a great example of a mop. (Nothing to do with her hair, honest.)

The mop gets stuck in. It's not afraid of the toughest and dirtiest of jobs. It is able to clean and freshen in the places other long, bleach-soaked, stick-like cleaning accessories cannot reach.

Should a celibate not be like this, aspiring to be the greatest of servants, getting truly stuck in in every way possible, whatever the need? Giving their whole self without reserve to God and the church in their daily life. Getting stuck in with the practical, getting stuck in with people, getting stuck in in every way they can.

Thea is such a person. A true mop.

And where would this mop be without her bucket?

As Thea says, community life is like the the bucket. It 'contains' the whole of life in many ways - the blessings, the trials, the frustrations all fit together when you're sharing your daily life with close friends in Jesus.

For the celibate, community makes life make sense. Why else should anyone want to devote themselves to singleness for the rest of their life if not for people? Besides, we all need something to "squeeze all the muck out of us" (another of Thea's quotes)!

So, yes, celibacy and community do go together like a mop and bucket.

Not that all celibates should have to live in community - far from it! - nor that everyone in community should be celibate - no way! - but the two do go hand-in-hand in a way that makes sense.

Well, bucket, this is mop signing off.

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