Friday, 2 December 2011



A poem from a friend from a while back, which still makes my spine tingle today.

I wish I were made
just of this longing
for it knows exactly what it wants
and where to look
it aligns itself so well with God
but the rest of me – mind, emotions
even my imagination
seem so mismatched to this yearning
so dull to you dear God
and yet you became a man
so there must be some resonance between us
but what change must be wrought
for me to take my place truly
in your eternal bride

sometimes it is tempting to believe
this bride is just a metaphor
for something less
but no God forbid
if it is a picture it must be of something much more
something unboundable by any frame
untraceable by any hand
unsearchable by any mind
and only the longing of love knows
and I must be transformed by it

Wilf - 2006


n0rma1 said...

Yes, it has the tingle factor.

s0upy said...

It does, it does.