Tuesday, 14 February 2012

My Valentine Love


Today is Valentine's Day.

I've heard it said that Saint Valentine was a celibate martyr; a man devoted to God, pledged to live a single life in His service, a man killed for his faith. If it's really true, then the bloody painful, cruel yet willing death of this world-forsaken, heaven-bound celibate man is a far cry from the romantic, pink-hearted, flower-giving traditions we have in the UK today, as lovers express their heartfelt affections to one another over kisses and cards and flowers and multitude other signs of undying adoration.

Or is it?

Should not the celibate express his love and affection to the one whom he loves with all his heart? Should not the celibate whisper sweetness, write with passion, pledge herself anew to her Lover - the One who is the source of all love - to the one who is both God and man? Should he, should she, not be the most romantic of all who walk the earth? And why not today, of all days?

And should not Jesus prove His love anew to his celibate companions, those whom He has called, those who have received his precious celibate gift and made their costly celibate vows, those who choose to live their entire lives in enduring celibate devotion? And why not today, of all days?

Maybe romance is the wrong word for someone who has been swept off their feet by the most precious, the most adorable, the most shockingly captivating person they could ever wish to meet. But then again, maybe it's not.

Read through the words and actions of Jesus Christ, the Messiah, the Anointed One, in the New Testament (go on, try John's Gospel for a start) and tell me if there is anyone like Him, man or woman, real or fictional, living or dead; tell me if there is anyone anywhere from any time who is anything near to being like Him.

I love Jesus Christ, the man who is my God and my Lover. And I'll tell the world about Him.

And I'll love Him today, of all days.

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