Thursday, 28 June 2012

Ten thousand pageviews

Rejoice with me, the Single for Jesus blog is about to reach ten thousand pageviews.

Here's the snapshot of the pageview count at the time of writing this post:

Single for Jesus pageview count

And the real-time pageview count is at the bottom of the sidebar on the right.

It's edging up to ten thousand, and will probably be there by the end of the day.

That works out as about 400 views per month, 100 per week.

Thanks to everyone who reads my blog - I really appreciate it, and I hope it provides inspiration to all who call in. Many blessings to all.


Aidan Ashby said...

And you posted the news in a bid to get the extra 22 pageviews? A cunning plan. :-)

s0upy said...

Couldn't quite wait. :-P

Anonymous said...

A singular achievement 80)

s0upy said...

Okay, folks, it's the big 10K! 10,003 to be precise.

Now what?

n0rma1 said...

Not to pour even a drip of cold water, but have you removed your own page views from the count?

s0upy said...

Not all, but they would be a very minimal proportion of the total.