Saturday, 14 July 2012


Here are a few thoughts about celibacy.

I don't always write about celibacy specifically, as I think celibacy itself is a means to an end, or various different ends, and it's generally healthier to focus on the ends rather than the means.

But it doesn't hurt to home in on it from time to time.

So here goes. Various thoughts about celibacy in no particular order.

Some I've read or heard about, others I've observed, others are from my own experience:
1.  Celibacy is a gift from God.

2.  Celibacy is a choice.

3.  Celibacy works well as a lifelong commitment, but can also be for a predefined time span.

4.  Celibacy is often used as a word to mean being in between partners or being sexually deprived (Google it or search on Twitter to see what I mean).

5.  Celibacy features as a discipline in various religions/faiths/ways of life.

6.  Celibacy is seen to be restrictive by many people but can be surprisingly freeing.

7.  Celibacy enables you to deeply appreciate married people.

8.  Celibacy is not just for the Catholic Church.

9.  Celibacy was taught and practised by Jesus Christ.

10.  Celibacy is like fasting in many ways: abstaining from basic human needs (food, intimacy, ...) in order to focus on other things.

11.  Celibacy is harder when you think about it a lot but easier when you forget about it and get on with life.

12.  Celibacy requires the ability to change as the years go on.

13.  Celibacy was taught and practised by the Apostle Paul, who wrote a large part of the New Testament.

14.  Celibacy requires regular re-commitment because you become a different person as you go through the different phases in life.

15.  Celibacy works best in the context of a common cause.

16.  Celibacy can be a good option for homosexuals, heterosexuals, bisexuals and transsexuals alike. (So can finding a partner.)

17.  Celibacy is about love.

18.  Celibacy can help you have more time for things.

19.  Celibacy carries a flavour of travelling light, not being tied down, being flexible and adventurous.

20.  Celibacy baffles some people.

21.  Celibacy works well when you forget yourself and live for other people.

22.  Celibacy can be offensive to people without really trying.

23.  Celibacy is for your average normal person, not just for priests or holy people.

24.  Celibacy should understand the needs of others.

25.  Celibacy is in no way superior to other ways of life.

26.  Celibacy should have a higher profile in the mainstream church.

27.  Celibacy releases power in people.

28.  Celibacy can make others feel at ease, knowing that you're not on the pull.

29.  Celibacy has been blamed for child sex offences.

30.  Celibacy can be a vow that you make or a decision from the heart.

31.  Celibacy plunges you into the lives of others.

32.  Celibacy touches something of heaven.

33.  Celibacy works best in the context of some kind of community.

34.  Celibacy enriches the kingdom of God.

35.  Celibacy is about deep friendship with all kinds of people.

36.  Celibacy is good for young people.
These are just thoughts rather than definitive, absolute truths. If you want to add to the list, or discuss any of this, click on 'Comment' below and fire away.

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