Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Coventry Jesus Centre - Talking of telephones...

I recently saw last year's annual review for Coventry Jesus Centre.

And I was so impressed by all that the Centre has achieved that I had to blog about it.

I've been a volunteer at the Centre since its inception in 2002, so I get to see a bit of the day-to-day action.

It's been a pretty astounding ten years.

(This video was shown to the children at a recent
Sunday morning church event at the Centre, which
focussed especially on the work of the Centre itself.)

Talking of telephones ...

- What kinds of people phone up the Centre in an average day?
- Who uses the Centre during the week?
- How does Coventry Jesus Centre fulfil its aim to welcome and help all kinds of people?

Here are some snippets on the kinds of charitable services operating at the Jesus Centre throughout the past decade since opening:

The Bridge
A place where people can drop in and find warmth, friendship, breakfast, showers, washing, and all manner of other help. 5500 different people used the service up to the end of 2011; 1000 in the year 2011.
The Bond Scheme
Helping people find housing, in particular through helping them gain access to funds that will help with their bond. By the end of 2011, 150 people had been housed and 49 had been helped into better housing.
Your Learning
Helping people learn ESOL, English for Work, UK Culture, Basic I.T., CV writing, interview skills, general reading. 189 attended sessions in 2011, with 42 certificates for achievement awarded.
Hope and Help
Support for ex-offenders.
Money Worries
Debt and budgeting advice.
A bicycle repair service, with old bikes also repaired and sold on cheaply.
Strum It
A guitar class.
Your Art
A painting and drawing group.
Your Fitness
An exercise and fitness group.
Your Future
Short training courses for building capacity, e.g. photography.
Your Weight
A support group for losing weight.
Well Maker
A weekly healing prayer service, aiming to bring peace, health and wholeness to those who are sick.
Bible Life
A weekly Bible study group for those who want to get more out of the Bible.
The Bible and English
A great way to learn English at the same time as delving into the Bible.
The Well Cafe
The Jesus Centre cafe, open throughout the day, with nice food and a warm and friendly service.

Many accomplishments in the past ten years, but there's still a lot to go for. Here's to the future - and here's to Coventry Jesus Centre! Well done staff, well done volunteers, well done friends and visitors - and well done to anyone who supports the Centre in any way.

A final video:
(This video was also shown to the children at the
Centre, whilst discussing some of the ways in which
the Jesus Centre helps people. A spurious link,
perhaps, but it's a great video. And, besides, the
Centre does have a fan or two, myself included ...)

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